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Carol Kietzman lives in Del Norte on the Wilson Ranch nestled on the Rio Grand River. This is where Carol gets her inspiration for her beautiful wildlife portraits. Carol is a self-taught artist and has been painting all of her life. Carol paints on Natural leaves she calls "Natures Canvas" She has discovered a way to preserve the leaves. And feels this makes a perfect backdrop for her wildlife paintings. Friends and Fans send her leaves from all over the United States. Carol also does canvas paintings and continues to accept special orders.  Carol has won awards for her natural ability and has been a part of high-end art shows for several years. Herpaintings are proudly displayed at Colorado Cowgirls.



Jack Martin

John A. (Jack) Martin is a Del Norte area native, raised on a ranch on the Rio Grande two miles east of Del Norte. After graduating from high school, he attended Adams State College in Alamosa, CO for 5 years while working on an expanded major in fine arts. To pay for college, Jack worked summers and weekends for Davis Engineering. He continued working in Civil Engineering and land surveying full time until 2001 when he decided to devote more time to one of his true passions - creating works of art. Jack’s main emphasis at this time has been jewelry but he has worked in many different media such as pen & ink drawings, sculptures in stone, metal and wood, stoneware pottery and creative recycled wood furniture.


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Jennifer Inge uses a number of refined braiding techniques to create contemporary horsehair jewelry. The history of her search for these techniques is a long and varied one, spanning more than thirty years. She learned the more familiar braiding techniques of the cowboy and Mexican cabellero tradition through the study of historical documents, old books, and most importantly, from those old timers, whose craft might have died with them.

But the Southwest is only one chapter in the history of her horsehair braiding, Jennifer has not confined herself to its traditions. College studies in anthropology and research into other cultures is a main source of inspiration for her designs, and the techniques she uses in her work today have antecedents in Africa, Asia, and Europe , as well as the American West. In some cases she has literally unraveled the secrets of antique pieces whose long forgotten patterns were all but lost to contemporary craftsmen, for no written record exists. Ongoing efforts to find and create variations on these age old designs keep her work fresh and alive with innovations.

There is no better way to describe Inge's work than as a mixture of fine craftsmanship, organic naturalism and classic elegance. An excellent eye for design, fine metal working, stone setting, and above all, a constant demand for quality are evident throughout her artistic endeavors. Since 1974 she has owned and operated Rare Things Gallery in Creede , Colorado.




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Veronica was born and raised in Michigan's upper peninsula, of Ojibwa and French parents. The people of the great lakes, the Ojibwa, were toe builders and artists of the birch bark canoe and many other vessels that were the key to the fur trade for over 100 years. These were the ancestors of Veronica's father.

The voyagers were the mighty power that propelled those canoes across 2000 miles of waterways from the great lakes to the rocky mountains and back. These were the ancestors of Veronica's mother.

With this background and heritage, Veronica started as a child to pursue a life of art of many types. This has come to include water colors, oil on canvas, carved leather, handmade garments, and now three dimensional etched pottery of western wildlife as well as the life of the cowboy and cowgirl.

As a discerning art lover, you will see that the power, passion and dedication to detail are ever present in her work.

We would anticipate that the works of Veronica R. Wright will soon be as appreciated and prized as one of top artists of the west.

Veronica R. Wright makes her home in the San Juan Mountains on Colorado's Western slope.

Marsha Sanders

Marsha Sanders was raised in northern Wyoming and the largest part of her life has been spent in rural agricultural areas. After spending a few years in the Denver area, she came to appreciate her roots and small town upbringing. Thus, she embarked on an artistic trail striving to keep the western way of life and traditions alive through her work. Recently she relocated to the San Luis Valley. Her drawings have been accepted into many juried shows, won numerous awards and have been featured in "Western Horseman" magazine.




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